Fibre optic repeater for TP/FT-10



Unique solutions for LonWorks® over fibre

• LonWorks®, TP/FT-10, 78 kbit/s
• Distances up to 20 km
• Multi-/single mode fibre using LC Connectors

Numerous fibre configuration options

• Point to point, bus or redundant ring
• Transparent repeater function
• Optical signal regenerated

Simple to install and fault find

• Alarm output indicating Fibre failure
• 10 – 60 VDC supply
• Easy to install
• 35 mm DIN-rail housing


LonWorks® to fibre optic link, point-to-point applications The LRW-102PP is a fibre optic modem designed for point-to-point fibre opticconnections between LonWorks® networks.

The LRW-102PP offers an easy way to extend the distance between LonWorks® 78 kbit/s TP/FT network segments using a fibre optic link.

The LRW-102PP is designed for harsh industrial usage as well as road or railway installations meeting industrial level EMC specifications and having a wide operating temperature range.

The unit also has a re-timing function that eliminates the problem of jitter andhence ensures reliable communications in all situations.

The units are well prepared for use in harsh industrial environments. Total galvanic isolation and transient protection are standard for all interfaces. The line interfaces are also equipped with extensive protection against over-currents and voltage suppression.

The DIN mounted case of the unit makes it easy to mount. The surrounding air temperature can be between –40 to 70°C. To allow for uninterrupted communication the units are designed with redundant power inputs that can be powered from two separate supplies and handle an operating voltage range of 10 – 60 VDC.

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Technical Specifications

Fibre optic repeater for TP/FT-10
1 x LonWorks®, TP/FT-10, 78 kbit/s

Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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